Our Agave


Agave Fields... OUR FIELDS
Our journey begins 7,000 feet in the highlands of Jalisco, just outside the township of Arandas, where Casa de U4RIK maintains nearly 3 square miles of the world's best 100% Blue Weber agave plants.  We truly are in the highlands of the “Los Altos” region, an area blessed with important input factors that contribute to a naturally high sugar content in all of our agave plants.  The red volcanic soil is nutrient dense and receives 10-13 inches of rain during the summer.  Literally at the top of the mountain, the reduced oxygen levels create a pristine environment that is unharmed by air/water pollution thus creating the ideal agave growing conditions.  We are proud to be recognized as a Certified Organic (Mexico) farm and treat the land and plants with careful attention to detail in efforts to preserve our farm for generations to come. We do not use any fertilizer, pesticide or irrigation which allows our plants to fully mature, as God intended, within 8-10 years.  We know when the agave plants are ready for production as the tips turn a golden brown hue.  On average, 1 pina produces 8-10L of tequila and next we describe how the raw plant is transformed into U4RIK Tequila.


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