Our Process

Our journey continues from the field to the factory with assistance of 50 Jimadors and Steve the burro.  The expert Jimadors are constantly roaming our single estate farm to hand select only the finest agave plants that meet our rigorous standards.  Once selected, the manicured agave plant (aka pina) is transported, by Steve, down the mountain side to loading trucks.  The Jimadors work is never complete as they must use their keen observational skills and natural born instincts to ensure the future generations of agave plants are planted the U4RIK way.  Let's not forgot about the hardest working teammate in the U4RIK family, Steve, who often makes 15 trips a day – the equivalent of lifting 800 per trip. Once the trucks are loaded they make the 7 mile trip to our factory.  The transformation from pina to tequila begins when the pinas are off loaded from the transport trucks and into traditional clay ovens.  The succulent pinas are roasted for a 72 hour period to convert the pina's natural starches into fermentable sugars.  We then crush the pinas to separate the fibers from the agave juice and create a base material we use to make the mash (aka musto).  As the process continues, we invite you to discover how we ferment and filter U4RIK tequila utilizing a proprietary and smarter approach to crafting the future of premium tequila.
Now that we have the base material for our mash prepared, it is time for the fermentation process to begin.  We add a proprietary yeast strain and filtered well water to the mash so that the bacteria in the yeast has an optimal environment.  While the mash is fermenting we aspirate the mixture using a proprietary process to remove many of the less appealing compounds that are commonly found in other spirits.  The natural byproducts of the fermentation process yield carbon dioxide, which is released in the form of gas vapor, and alcohol.  We do not use any foreign fertilizers to accelerate yeast growth nor do we allow airborne bacteria to enter our fermentation tanks.  Through careful attention to the chemical reaction and an innovative approach to controlling the chemical reactions between the yeast, water and mash we have redefined the fermentation process.  The end result is a mash ready to be filtered to remove harmful compounds.  Our proprietary filtration process starts with identifying various compounds still present in the mash. Congeners are foreign substances created during the fermentation process and are harmful to the human body. They are responsible for the hangover like symptoms we experience.  Now that we have a pure spirit base, it is time to distill the premium tequila using the U4RIK method to achieve a superior flavor profile.
Since our hand selected pinas are naturally sugar rich, our filtered mash starts with a low wine alcohol content of nearly 35% alcohol.  There is a reduced burden on the distillation process to convert the filtered mash into our own premium tequila.  With careful attention to detail, we have planned each step in the production process to create a higher quality distillate and therefore a higher quality premium tequila.  Our distillation vessel is an alembic copper still with a 1,200 L capacity.  This high quality and small batch container is vastly superior to stainless steel tanks, which are currently utilized by a majority of spirit manufacturers.  Copper is a precious metal that assists in our ability to continually remove the unwanted compounds and is the only metal we use in both the still and condenser.  Once the distillate passes through the condenser we can now choose to bottle the premium tequila (U4RIK Silver) or age the premium tequila (U4RIK Reposado and U4RIK Anejo).  The barrels we use for the aging process are new American White Oak, which gives U4RIK tequila a distinct aroma and flavor while preserving the authenticity of the 100% Blue Weber agave plant.  Our barrels are non-charred and non-laquered since we do not want any additional harmful compounds to seep into our premium tequila during the aging process.  The Reposado is aged for nearly one full year, while most other Reposados are aged somewhere between 2-9 months. The Anejo is aged for a full two years which gives it a bold characteristic.  And now the journey is almost complete, we thank you for the privilege and honor in discovering how U4RIK tequila is tequila redefined.  We have hand crafted our premium tequila for you to enjoy, so please let us know your favorite. Never forget to  #LiveLifeEuphoric  and enjoy our “Ground to Glass” premium tequila responsibly with friends, family and loved ones. U4RIK Tequila is so versatile it can replace any spirit in your favorite cocktail and so smooth you can drink it straight. Together we can #LiveLifeEuphoric and redefine premium tequila. Salud!

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