“A Honey Sweet Texture with an OAKY FINISH. MAGNIFICENT!”

This is where we got the Name U4RIK.
Because that is how we felt after we tired our U4RIK Anejo Tequila for the very first time. Aged in our specially selected oak barrels for two years, U4RIK Anejo Tequila has a wonderful, Smooth and Flavorful balance, Winning DOUBLE GOLD at the World Spirit Competition. There are thousands of Tequila, but U4RIK is one of the few that can proudly state we are the BEST.
As you experience U4RIK Anejo Tequila, you’ll first notice the Sweet, almost Floral aspect of the our sugar Rich Agave, while the spirits finish with just a hint of the whiskey flavor produced by the barrel in which it has been aged. All the while the Clean, Smooth, Fresh and Pure aesthetics of U4RIK are boldly present.
We can think of nothing better than sitting down for a snifter of U4RIK Anejo Tequila in our favorite leather chair besides a roaring fire enjoying a fine cigar. We’d love for you to join us.