U4RIK Glow Vodka

U4RIK Glow Vodka

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Size: 750ML

ABV: 40

Stand out from the crowd with our proprietary U4RIK Glow Vodka.  Just apply UV light, grab a glass, and glow! (All elements are FDA approved.) 

U4RIK Vodka: For those that simply demand the best. Making U4RIK Vodka starts off with the finest, core ingredients available, which is  a blend of 6 special wine grapes from Northern California's famed Napa Valley. The end result is U4RIK's elimination of harsh flavors or aromas - just the world's smoothest, best-tasting vodka. 

What many don't know is that when you feel a hangover the day after drinking alcohol, it may be nothing more than your body rejecting an exorbitant amount of gluten. Gluten is a protein found in starch products such as potatoes, grains and other ingredients used to make low-end vodkas. Switching to gluten-free U4RIK Vodka may be the trick to help you avoid hangovers.

The Napa Valley wine grapes used in making U4RIK Vodka are 100% gluten-free and may help you enjoy a night of U4RIK Vodka without regretting it the day after. When coming up with a name for our world-class vodka, we wanted something that represented a new age of high-end vodka - something more than anyone else had to offer.

The name "U4RIK" came about after sampling our new vodka for the first time and experienced a euphoric feeling after tasting such a smooth, well-rounded vodka.

U4RIK Vodka Tasting Notes

Nose: Intense sweet and tart grape.

Palate: A burst of juicy, ripe Napa grapes.

Finish: Clean and ultra smooth.

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