U4RIK Spirits, established in 2013, is family owned licensed distillery and rectifier in San Marcos, CA. Our distillery is in a 15,000 sqft facility and produces spirits through a 750-liter Holstein Copper Still that stand 19ft tall. Known as the Rolls Royce of stills, the Holstein Copper Still allows us to produce the purest and cleanest spirits on the market today. In addition to private labeling spirits such as vodka, whiskey, rum, gin, and agave-mixtos, we also produce Ready-To-Drinks (RTDs) cocktails.

Our flagship product is our U4RIK Glow Vodka. Yes… Glow Vodka. Our product is made from a blend of six northern California wine grapes. Mixed with minerals to give it a natural glow when exposed UV light like the sun or black-light in the dark. To ensure that that no matter what time of day it is, we installed a UV light underneath the bottle to make sure it glows wherever you go. In addition, we removed a lot of the impurities such as acetone, acetate, and methanol. These are the congeners or toxins that contributes to hangovers. We believe to make a true spirit, it’s not what you put in, but what you take out.

Why don’t all distillers remove the congeners from their vodka? Two simple reasons, 1) the process can only happen in very large and expensive copper stills, and 2) you lose about 25% of your end product volume by discarding the impurities. It doesn’t make financial sense to most to discard 25% of the product for something people are already expecting the next day… the hangover.

Our vodka is truly different. Our base ingredient is unique, and our process is proprietary. From fermentation to filtration to distillation, we strive to remove impurities and toxins and to create the purest, cleanest and smoothest spirits in the market.


Rick Cardenas, founder and owner, created U4RIK after his wife became ill after a night of drinking. At the hospital, he learned she suffered from celiac disease which had caused a negative reaction to the vodka she drank. Her suffering inspired Rick to create a gluten free, sodium free, zero carbs vodka for her and at that time. He already had been dabbling with champagne production.

In researching the best ingredient to create such a product, he was soon working on a vodka made from grapes. After many trials and tribulations, he settled on a blend of six northern California wine grapes and U4RIK Vodka was born.

Most know Vodka is made from potatoes, would you rather have POTATO JUICE or GRAPE JUICE?

When speaking with the doctor about how the alcohol affected his wife and how they went about cleansing her, he became determined to make a spirit that contained less congeners (toxins) naturally created by the distilling process. As he educated himself on distilling, he saw ways through both chemistry and physics, to "clean" the vodka by filtering out the impurities. Rick discovered that yeast creates about 209 congeners in the fermentation process. Some of these congeners are acetone, acetaldehyde, and methanol which contribute to the symptoms of a hangover. He went to great lengths to remove these impurities. So, if you ask Rick what makes U4RIK Vodka unique and so good, "It's what we take out of the vodka, not what we put in it."


Rick Cardenas in front of a Holstein Still used to distill our vodka and tequila