GLOW Vodka by U4RIK

GLOW Vodka by U4RIK

The world's first vodka that glows under UV light!  Who needs sparklers when the liquid itself lights up? We've attached a puck with UV LEDs to the bottom of each Glow bottle. Push the button on the bottom and the bottle calls attention to itself. 


Perfect for Bottle Service. What's really cool is that in ambient UV light in most nights clubs world wide, the vodka will actually glow in the glass, and it's still the same great tasting U4RIK Vodka. Club goers are always looking for an experience. Our Glow vodka will give them an experience.

What makes our vodka GLOW?

Have you ever noticed how jellyfish illuminates under water? Using a proprietary blend of FDA approved ingredients, we've been able to mimic the bioluminescence of jellyfish. Our base is unique and our process is proprietary. 

What we DON'T use is quinine which is most commonly found in tonic water and energy drinks. 

What makes our vodka taste so much better?

1) Our Base Ingredients: Grapes

Most know Vodka is made from Potatoes. Would you rather have POTATO JUICE or GRAPE JUICE? 

U4RIK Vodka is made from a blend of six northern California wine grapes. Three Napa Valley red grapes and three Napa Valley white grapes. 

100% GLUTEN FREE! Most vodkas use a starch base ingredient like potatoes, corn, or wheat, which has gluten. Not only is our base ingredient gluten free, so is the yeast we use in the fermentation process.  

2) Our Process 

From fermentation, filtration, to distillation, we strive to create the purest, cleanest and smoothest spirits in the market. In the fermentation process, yeast creates congeners, about 209 of them, which are additional substances other than ethanol. Some of these congeners (acetone, acetaldehyde, and methanol) are chemicals known to be the source of the dreaded hangover. Our bodies cannot metabolize acetone, acetaldehyde, and methanol which cause nausea, headache, dizziness, fatigue, etc.. Through forensic toxicology and our copper stills, we are able to remove these impurities from our products.  

You will SMELL the DIFFERENCE. You can TASTE the DIFFERENCE, and you can actually FEEL the DIFFERENCE.