U4RIK Tequila

From ground to glass, experience tequila like never before. 

U4RIK Tequila is sweeter and more flavorful because our agave is grown in the highlands of Jalisco to full maturity (8-10 years). Naturally, when things grow at a higher elevation, they're going to receive more sunlight; with more sunlight there's going to be more residual sugars and more viscosity and more body weight to the agaves. Grown in fresh, red volcanic soil that is nutrient rich, our agave has more tropical flavors and fruit essence than our competitors. 

From fermentation, filtration, to distillation, we strive to create the purest, cleanest and smoothest tequila in the market. Using Holstein Copper Stills, we are able to remove the impurities that create the dreaded hangover. In the fermentation process, yeast creates congeners (toxins), about 209 of them, which are additional substances other than ethanol. Congeners such as acetone, acetaldehyde, and methanol are chemicals known to be the source of the hangover. Our bodies cannot metabolize acetone, acetaldehyde, and methanol which cause nausea, headache, dizziness, fatigue, etc.. Through forensic toxicology and our copper stills, we are able to remove these impurities from our products. The result is a difference you can taste and the experience you will feel after with no hangover.